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Balancing Act – Working Mother

I feel like I am in a constant balancing act.

I console myself by telling myself: I am not the only one with a family. This is do-able.

  1. Being the best professional and healthcare provider and perfecting my craft
  2. Being a great mother and wife
  3. Being whole and one with me

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Lactation Room

Staff Lactation Room.

How accommodating is your employer? Do they provide a designated space for you to privately pump breast milk, do they make this transition easy for you? These things are very important! I made sure to make my concerns known, now not only is there a sanctified space but also a recliner, ottoman and Symphony pump! Hospital grade pumping for the doctor pumping in between patients. I don’t ask for much but I’m glad the hospital delivered on this request. The setup is easy, I don’t feel I’m producing miraculous amounts of milk compared to my Pump In Style, but the easy and speed are notable.

I hope every hospital has one of these for the staff!

Baby refusing the bottle!

The unthinkable just happened. My baby has refused her bottle.

We just hired a new nanny, our last nanny gave us notice so we had to move on. It seemed she had more interest in maintaining a tele-ministry that she was building from the ground up in our home… Her passion was elsewhere. It was best she moved on. While it was heartache searching again, my mother found someone just in time. It was a last minute decision, the flight was booked same day.

Let me tell you something about my mother. She is very rash. Often times I have difficulty figuring out if this is a good or a bad trait. She had a list of nannies she obtained from Lord-knows-where and God only knows if she interviewed or screened them, but we trusted her. Our nanny, isn’t the very best, but she is good and our daughter likes her.

Now. On her arrival, baby girl decided she was now too good for the bottle or any other device that could be employed to deliver my breast milk to her. What did this mean? Because she is awfully persistent, it meant that if I left the house she would cry for HOURS until I came home to breastfeed. Luckily, I have not found a permanent job so she can get away with this now. Unluckily, it meant I could not leave the house to do ANYTHING. Going to the gym was out of the questions. Grocery shopping, was now out of the questions. The nanny was frustrated, she insisted on many times to FORCE the bottle!

No Ma’am, no nanny of mine will be FORCING food into any child of mine! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

She got my point sharply. We would have to wait. I even book a pediatrician appointment to figure out if there was some sort of underlying illness causing my babe to act out. Nope, clean as a whistle. Just stubborn as an ox. The Pediatrician did tell me a daunting story about her own child refusing the bottle even when she worked, having her mother in law bring the baby to work for a midday feeding. Scary. Would not work for me as I work in a hospital with busy shift, and I am more concerned about the baby picking up MRSA or VRE… yuck.

Things we have tried

  1. Spoon: she knocked it out of our hand
  2. Solid: She purses her lips and knocks this out of our hands
  3. Fruit, baby held: She squishes it and rubs it into the carpet. Chai!
  4. Small cup with breast milk: She knocks down the cup. Breastmilk everywhere. This gehl oh!
  5. fresh breastmilk: She turns her head. What now?

We are trying everything. And we are still everything and offering her the bottle daily.  I am holding off on going back to work with hopes that she will take the bottle soon. She is almost 8 months. That is 8 months at home without income. I love being a stay at home mom, but I have to make some sort of income! Something has got to give.

My neighbor told me a story about her baby just refusing the breast one morning. She preferred the bottle and would cry like hell if her mother put her to the breast. It seems she had been in daycare since 10 weeks and had grown accustomed to bottle feeding with moms milk. But how sad and scary to have a child not want your teat. Im sure it happens all the time, and I even wondered if I would rather be faced with this challenge. Its too hard to delve into, I believe God gave me the challenge I could handle.

I pray for mommies struggling with baby feeding problems! Pray for me too!

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