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Why I love that I had a small wedding!

Why I love that I had a small wedding
Me on my wedding day, I will never forget!

I am Nigerian, and one of the landmark events in life is the Wedding. The coming together of two families to form another family. Such a blessing indeed to start a new life together, despite leaving the family you cam from. Leaving your fathers house, is a truly celebrated event. Big or small, it will be the most memorable event of your life.  Continue reading Why I love that I had a small wedding!

The Art of BabyWearing

Whether you believe in attachment parenting or you have been forced to comply, baby wearing is essential for being able to live your life.

Baby would love if you stared into their eyes and fed them on demand all 24 hours of the day, but if you run a home, that is just not practical. I still try to cook… clean… shower… and baby won’t let me out of her sight.

Baby wearing is ancient. In some places in the world like Africa, mothers carried their babies everywhere they went, whether it was working in the farm or fetching water, cooking over an open flame or sweeping out the compound, baby was intact with its little head peering over her shoulder contently. Attachment parenting worked just fine for them and they were much busier than we are give or take.

Luckily I received a Boba and Bjorn as gifts. The Bjorn is practical in that I can take it outside the house and not look like a ceiling curtain dancer when I’m trying to wrap it and baby around my body. The Boba, though I look like one of those ceiling curtain acrobatic dancers, it doesn’t put as much strain on my back and I feel more comfortable wearing it around the house to do tasks. But I sometimes wonder… what if I had neither, and what if I wanted to use neither (says the brat in me.)

This technique passed down from generations. The wrap and tie. The little one squirmed a bit, my husband had to help keep her sturdy and we both muscled and clenched to giant knots on my chest. Felt as natural as my husband putting on my glamour makeup. So I redid it. 

  1. Put baby on hip
  2. Slide her to your back
  3. Make sure her arms are sort of wrap around your chest (important if you have a little baby Houdini)
  4. Take the large rectangular wrap and cover her bottom to shoulders
  5. Wrap it tight like a towel up top
  6. Tie the bottom like a giant double knot
  7. Look at you masterpiece 

*make sure it’s tight and baby is snug, it may take a few tries to get it right. Also, as baby gets used to this it should get easier.

*some say this is hard on babies hips… use your own discretion.

* Please make sure it does not unravel. Should be nice and tight throughout, if not, alway re-wrap… laziness can lead to injury.


Sugar Detox, the Introduction

 If you are here, it is because you have decided to challenge yourself to my sugar detox. I plan to give you as much guidance as I can, as I expect us to all struggle but we will do so together.

If you are hesitant, let me tell you a little bit more about why this detox will change your life.

If you don’t know by now sugar is the real enemy. Since it was processed and introduced to our tables it has been causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, illness, weight gain, fatigue, metabolic derangements, adult-onset allergies, skin rashes and conditions like psoriasis and eczema, autoimmune diseases and depression. We have become addicted to it. It has been forced on us into our diets, everywhere we turn, we are being stuffed with sugar. Both knowingly and unknowingly. It has come to the point that many of us have come to accept that we cannot go a day without sugar. Even if we know how much harm it is causing us. Is that not an addiction?

We suffer from bloating, headaches, mucus over-secretion, fatigue, mental cloudiness, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, and stubborn pounds that will not come off. We are getting sicker and sicker than the generation before us. Why do we remain so placid? Why not take a stance, instead of succumbing to the very thing that is digging our grave?!

Did you know: Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Sugar has become a part of our expression of love! When I love you: I buy you chocolate. When  I want you to celebrate: I give you cake. When I want you to be a good kid: I give you candy, juice, soda pop, sugary cereals and snacks. Do we do this intentionally or are we really this blind? Many times, I’ve watched at birthday parties, as the kids run around frantically under a sugar high, the parents sit with their arms crossed and they have refused to partake in eating the cake and candy. Why? You gave it to your offspring. You mean to tell me you can give to your child what you know will be their demise? Diabetes is affecting children now. They are getting fatter and fatter with no self control. They are becoming sick blobs, just like the rest of us, and we just keep rolling in the white stuff.

Who is the real enemy? Maybe the food companies. It is easy to make crap and cover it with sugar and sell it cheap. Just put sugar in it an it will fly off the shelves! Call it low-fat and load it with sugar and everyone will buy it. Make it easy for people to eat, put it in bars, microwave packs and call it HEALTHY… how sad. How foolish can we be. Sugar can never be healthy. Yet, we close our eyes and guzzle it down. We eat the meal replacement with 32g of sugar. We drink the gatorade with 21g of sugar in a 5 oz bottle. There is no earthly reason why a child should be consuming juice. Juice is sugar and sugar is juice. Look at the ingredients. Water. Sugars. Concentrated chemical jargon. Give your kid and apple, not apple juice. Sugar, sugar, sugar, all day and every day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

I ask my patients, ‘have you ever JUICED and APPLE? How many apples does it take to make a cup of apple juice?’ If it sounds ridiculous stop drinking it!

You are the one to blame. You are putting wrinkles on your face, tires around your waist, roadblocks in your mind and shackles on your feet. You can’t get out of bed because you spent the day before poisoning your cells. Our bodies don’t like sugar. They protest! Sugar when loose in our systems is like an evil pin ball, more like a wrecking ball, destroying everything in its path.

So if it’s the hardest thing you do all year… why don’t you eliminate sugar? Why don’t you challenge yourself to wake up from your addiction. After all, they say sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Even if its 3 days out of your life… or even 30! You owe it to yourself after all the abuse you have self-inflicted.

You are here. So take the next step and challenge yourself to my 30 day detox, I will be challenging myself as well. If you are not a different person in 30 days, shoot me a personal email and I will try to figure out where we went wrong.

I am not selling anything. I have nothing to gain. I just want to change the way my friends and family think. I just want to spread a little knowledge.

It is a 5 level plan. The simplest entry level is elimination, the next steps are addition of different tools to rejuvenate your cells. Stay tuned for upcoming posts, the guidelines and rules. Purchase a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Go online and order some Oil of Oregano (from a reputable dealer). Subscribe to my blog for updates because starting FEBRUARY 1ST… WE ARE TAKING THE PLUNGE!



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From vegetable oil to coconut and palm oil

Which oil is in your cupboard?

There has been aimg_47451 big rave about coconuts in the health food sector and it is leaching into the minds of regular everyday consumers. Once sugar was outted for it dangerous ways and ties to obesity, metabolic syndrome and cancer then there needed to be a replacement and maybe coconut sugar was it. Then when wheat and flour was exposed and then when pesticides on the large mutant vegetable. What’s in your cabinet, what are you using to cook? Have you given it any thought. Have you thought even for a second that changing the oil you use to cook your food may lend to some nutritional benefits? I usually use the good old vegetable oil and olive oil for some dishes but I figured I could make us of coconut oil in my kitchen (and not just on my skin and hair).

Also, growing up in an immigrant Nigerian family meant that I had a relationship with palm oil from a young age. It was the red oil in stews, sauces and spice dips. It served as a side for boiled yams. Its thick consistency and liquidy appearance when on the flame before frying. Only problem… we were warned against using it for fear of high cholesterol. If only we knew it was one of the best oils in the WORLD. One of the only oils with nutritional benefits, unrefined, high smoke point, great taste and good for heart health recipes. Maybe then we wouldn’t have demonized it.

Benefits of palm oil:

  • Does not promote atherosclerosis. 50% saturated fate, 40% unsaturated and only 10% polysaturated.
  • Only 50% medium chain fatty acids compared to 90% in coconut oil
  • has the nutrients: carotenoids, sterols, vitamin E, antioxidants, phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimers, cancer, platelet aggregation and thrombosis, hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • Positive effects on inflammation
  • More vitamin A and E than any other oil

Benefits of coconut oil:

  • Reduced rates of alzheimers, hypertension, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Reduces inflammation and arthritis
  • Boosts the immune systems, fights candida and yeast infections
  • Positive effects on memory and brain function
  • Improves digestion and stomach ulcers
  • When used on the skin good for ailments like psoriasis and eczema
  • Anti-aging, good for balancing hormones

The benefits of coconut oil go far beyond cooking. I use coconut oil on my hair and skin.. even as a lubricant. You can also consume coconut oil as a supplement… which I have not tried yet. It is worth looking in to.

Like any oil it is best to avoid processed and hydrogenated types. Usually more processed means more exposure to toxicants. So always look for unrefined and cold-pressed on the label.

I am definitely adding these oils to my arsenal and sneaking them into my families foods. Will have to give mother a call and update her on these benefits as well.


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