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Letting Baby’s Hair Free!

Why I decided to let her hair be!



We are in such a society where everyone and everything has to look good. People are constantly taking pictures, you are under pressure to look picture perfect at all times. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some embarrassing moments where I’ve clutched my 22 pearls thinking:

Oh my baby girls hair looks horrible!

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Being the Sick Patient

I am writing this, sitting in a pharmacy drive thru, my chest is burning, I’m am laboring to breath and I’m having BH contractions. It started yesterday when I went to the OBs office for a run-of-the-mill check up, glucose tolerance testing. I spent the night before coughing and wheezing and honestly wanted to cancel the appointment, but I figured I should just get it over with.
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Nigerian Girl – Korean Face Regimen


I really hate fads, I try to stay away from them, but I couldn’t help but take interest when I heard about the Korean Skincare regimen. When I looked into it, it was about belaboring the face-washing routine with the thought that if you pampered your face, you would have great results. Well, in some many times that we are brutal to our faces with the sun, make-up and harsh detergent face washes… I didn’t mind to pay back my sensitive skin. So I looked into it, ridiculous as it seemed.
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Natural Hair Journey 

12/2012 in Nigeria
Natural hair is not easy!

1/2017 in Nigeria
1/2017 in Nigeria

I started in 2010 and have had several big chops, blunders and meltdowns. I’ve fried my hair trying things that didn’t work for me, and finally I just stopped. I stopped reading, I stopped fretting, I stopped letting people convince me to do stuff. I just sat back and let my hair grow.

I have 4b/c hair. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s not what the natural kingdom considers “beautiful.” There aren’t many tutorial or advices given for management. When you think you are learning about 4c hair… it turns out her pattern is more 4a. 4C land on google is a desert compared to other textures. There are hardly any testimonies or Bildungsromans. Just nothing, dry, crinkly, jealous hair. 

Then I just fell back. I’m not the only one with four cee could in the world. Hell, there is like at least a million of us out there. And pride is in the heart. I did what I could with moisture and protein, examined my strands to figure out what worked for me. I puffed it, twisted it, bagged it. Wore protective styles and it grew and grew and grew! Now I love my hair! 

My BFF has the most beautiful 4b/c hair and it’s down to her waist. I wish she would start a blog but OB/GYNs are far too busy. But although her texture is looser than my, she is my hairspiration!

I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. Water, good diet, and good styles. And let’s see how long I can go!

Follow my journey! Pictures below.

Why organic?

Why organic? What is the big deal? Why spend and extra dollar or two on an item when you can eat what everyone else is eating, hell, we are all going to die anyways.

We are all actively commiting suicide, homocide when we are feeding our children! Do you know what is in your water? Your coffee? Your juice? Boxed cereal? Wine and spirits? No? Why the heck not?! Why not?

Do you not care?

Does what you put into your body everyday not interest you?

Chemicals. Chemicals. Chemicals. Chemicals make food processing faster, easier, cheaper and they are harmful for you. Look on the back of that box or bag, you will see a list of chemicals you can’t even pronounce let alone spell at a spelling bee. You avoid processed foods, good for you! But do you still drink wine? Do you know how many chemicals are in your wine? You though it was just berries and fermentation right, wrong! Wine has a very chemicalized processed, that’s why you are able to have millions of bottle rolling into every grocer at $5- a pop. Grossed out yet? I’ve just begun. You house is INFESTED with chemicals!

Detergent, it sticks to your clothes to give the appearance the color are cleaner and brighter. Oh… and they leach onto your skin too. Accumulate. That brand that promises a fresh smell for 7 days, yeah those are all harmful chemicals that stick to the fibers of your clothing and then leak off onto you precious skin cells to cause internal destructions. Still using bleach sprays that promise to rid your counters of 99% bacteria. Those things don’t work, but they are fuming into your nostrils, causing headaches, dizziness, fatigue. Your furniture… little chemicals are joining the atmosphere from your wood and plastic furniture every second, all for you to inhale. Your dust, well that’s a chemical rain, waiting for you to re-inhale. You feel sick now? Want to reach for the medicine? That’s full of chemicals too… don’t believe me? Check the label. So you’ve put that down and you want to drink water instead. Not so fast. Ask your county supplier what exactly is in your water. Ammonia? Check. Chlorine? Check. Hard mineral and more toxic chemicals used to clean the water? Check, check. You need a filter to safely drink water in your home. Don’t wait for the government to tell you anything is safe. Flint happened!

So what do you do?

We live in a capitalist country. Everything is about money, not the poor human that riddled with cancer and suffering in MD Anderson… hell, that’s about money too believe it or not. If you want to live long you are going to have to think hard and work hard. If you don’t want to do that, if your rather acquiesce into a slow chemical death, be my guest.

I refuse to be a product of the economy.

This industrial cesspool.

I choose organic.

And while I will not be able to control everything, change everything, I can at least change what I can and make a dent in my livelihood. Am I perfect, no, I occasionally indulge in snack and fried food from McGraveyard… but I am working to make sure this is not a lifestyle.

I Juice. I filter. I shop organic. I read labels. I refuse to feed my daughter anything I can’t pronounce or can’t say where it is derived from. I make my own soaps and lotions. I use oils and herbs. I run and exercise. I detoxified my home, threw out all my chemical and rely on vinegar and more gentle products to clean my home.

I want to live. So I go one step better than “natural” (which can be misleading), I check for the USDA seal on what I buy!

Did you know the process for making wine is not natural. The fermentation process relies heavily on GMOs, sugars and chemicals to make the process cheaper and easier? Try organic wines! Skip the headache.
Did you know regular wine has over 80 additives, most of which are “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA. There is no ingredient list on your wine bottle because they don’t want you to know. Buy Organic wine. Know what you are drinking!

Wine and coffee have been tainted as well. I used to say: I only drink water, wine and coffee. But then I realized that coffee is one of the most heavily processed products in the industry. To grow it quick enough from production means more chemicals, pesticides… wine is no different. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for the bottle, the industry is hiding what you are sipping on. Water, do you know where it comes from? Please don’t say rain. Do you know how it is cleaned? Please don’t say magic. Answer those questions, then get a powerful filter and protect yourself and your family.

Look for this USDA seal on product, buy with a little confidence. Don’t trust anything that says NATURAL.

Live longer, don’t let yourself go. It’s worth the hassle. Eat organic and detoxify your home!

I threw out all the chemicals in my house last week!

Sugar Detox Complete

So I completed my Sugar Detox!

It was hard! I learned a few things about myself, I learned a few things about my body. I implemented a few lifestyle habits.

  1. still not drinking soda, going strong for >5 years
  2. Rice just isn’t good for you, so I will continue to abstain from that
  3. Completely avoiding sugar is hard, but if you avoid blatant, processed food and snack, pastries etc then that is a good start
  4. Fruit is sweet and can be the best snack when you are feeling down

Honestly, I have been so busy, trying to find a job. Taking care of a baby who has just started refusing the bottle, more on that in a bit. Breastfeeding double-time, due to a teething baby. There were some days I almost fainted because my diet had dwindled down and there wasn’t much I could turn to get immediate relief. I was determined to push through. But it left me learning more about my body than I ever intended to. My husband brought home cookies and chocolates to test me, Valentines day was a trap. But I made it. I had willpower. And even on times I wasn’t perfect, eating brown rice and snacking on some honey roasted peanuts as my head spun and I grabbed on to the wall for dear life. I made it, I am proud of myself.

I am proud of you guys!

Simple and Healthy Egusi Soup 

I am not a chef nor am I a food blogger. There are many places you can go for delicious recipes, tips and tricks; but one thing I know is that I love food. I love healthy food. I love food that won’t make me feel gross. That is hard to find nowadays. I cook most times, and I watch what I put into my dishes. I monitor the salt, oil and even sugar (but I hardly ever cook with sugar anyways). Most of my ingredients are natural and organic, from the ground to my plate. That is how I prefer it. With my traditional food it is no different. In fact, I usually try to add some ingredients with health benefits and omit ingredients more prone to giving me and my husband health consequences. As I  Doctor, I am constantly preaching to my patients to do better so I much practice the same.

One of my favorite soups is Egusi. I used to think it was hard to mess up. Used to. It is a simple soup to make given you have the right ingredients. I’m going to show you how I make my own. Not to the T, because the way I season my food will not be how you like your and my biggest pet peeve is seeing people go back and forth over how much salt should be in a recipe. Season your stock to your liking, but I will show you how to get chunky, flavorful and beautiful soup like in the restaurants back home.


  1. Egusi, ground.
  2. Meat of choice
  3. Spinach or leaf of choice
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Black pepper to taste
  6. Red pepper to taste
  7. Two large red bell peppers
  8. Two onions
  9. 2 cloves of garlic
  10. 2 habanero/scotch bonnet 
  11. 3/4 Knorr cubes (chicken)
  12. Optional: curry, ground crayfish, okpei, paprika I used them and like the result.


1: make your stock with meat. My meat of choice for Egusi is usually chicken and if I’m feeling doubly good then goat. You want to cook your meat with seasoning like salt, black pepper, cumin (if its goat/beef), garlic, onions and optional buillion cube (knorr). Season the stock based on what goes good with the meat. Beef likes cumin and coriander. Chicken likes thyme and paprika. Do you, but don’t cut the essentials.

2: while the stock is going I usually go to my red pepper mix, this is another base item that is necessary. I take two red peppers, one whole onion, a few garlic cloves, and a habenero/ scotch bonnet pepper. Grind to liquid consistency. 

(If you were making a jollof or stew you could cook your red pepper mixture down to eliminate the water; that’s for another recipe tho)

**red pepper gives the coloring to soups and stews without having to use palm oil. That’s why I love it.

3: add this red pepper blend to your stock, allow it to cook. You can also taste at this step and add additional seasoning like curry, paprika, ground crayfish (I’m a crayfish head and a little goes a long way), okpei, cayenne or thyme. I say this because this is my base stock, so depending on what I am making, stew, Okoro, Egusi, Oha or whatever I tend to change my spices up.  

Some will usually make and save excess stock in the to bring out at for other preparations. That is fine, just remember what’s in it, label it, so that you don’t get an über spicy Okoro soup… or whatever.

Also, some tend to fry off their red pepper mixture and save that as well as a paste. I do this sometimes. Save the stock and tatashe mixture separately.  Just depends, but here I will instruct as if we are cooking in one round.

4: once the meat is cooked and flavored through, remove it. You can bake it or leave it, I opt not to fry it for a healthier choice.

This is how I get chunky yummy Egusi without frying or the addition of oil.

5: get your grounded Egusi ready! Now pour about a cup of the ground Egusi into the stock and stir. Keep adding Egusi until you get a creamy consistency.

6: Cover your pot and let it cook on med-low heat for 5-10 minutes.

7: open your pot. The Egusi should have caked a little bit. You can see some holes and some liquid straining to the top? Good. Stir again. You can choose to add 1/2cup – 1 cup water for more volume but most importantly you are trying to get the Egusi to the chink ones you desire. Cover again and let it cook 5-10 minutes. Check it, stir it, don’t let it burn, adjust your heat if you have to. You will repeat this step each time get chunkier pieces of Egusi. I usually do this about 3 times total.

I like my Egusi nice and chunky, not soupy or watery. This is preference however.

8: add your leaf of choice. Okazi, bitterleaf, spinach. Why bitterleaf? I’ve seen it done, I don’t recommend it. I do like spinach in my Egusi, not as authentic, but it light and green and I like the benefits. In this step I will add a whole bag of spinach. Remember spinach wilts and shrinks so don’t be intimidated.

If you are using Okazi, I recommend softening it so it’s edible immediately. I softening it with hot water in a bowl before adding to the soup. If you do this, wring it out before adding.

9: taste your soup! Touch up on those seasonings. You should have an orange, chunky, vegetably, delectable egusi soup before you.

10: eat your soup with your starch of choice. Wheat Farina is my preference (I use cream of wheat). You can also use ground oatmeal, pounded yam, garri, and I heard people are pounding eggplant and cauliflower now. Wow. Wonders shall never cease. Do your own.

  • You didn’t fry
  • You didn’t add palm oil
  • You didn’t fry your meat
  • You didn’t drown in salt

You feel good and free don’t you? You can eat this like every day can’t you? No guilt, no shame.

Nose Freida = Snot Freee-da

My judgement on the Nose Frieda

Baby girl had been sound kinda congested lately. Really, she has been fussy, irritable, refusing the bottle. We have spent a sum of $65 dollars trying to rectify the problem. We bought new nipples… for her bottles. We changed her bottles. She pushed the solids route with infant cereal, mashed peas and sweet potatoes just to sustain her.

But none worked and she still kicked and screamed whenever we brought the bottle into her sight. It wasn’t a flow issue, it wasn’t a breastmilk lipase issue, it was just an issue. Maybe she was teething we thought. We bought teethers, but this daughter of mine refusing to put anything other than her hands in her mouth… so those did not work. We gave Tylenol, but she screamed and kicked us so we wondered if that was causing her more bother than the fussing. She took to breast perfectly well… I just couldn’t leave the house… couldn’t work (not like I’m working anyways), couldn’t gym, couldn’t take a shower or relieve myself (she is a brutal master).

At night, as I said she had been sounding gurgly. It bother me, but if she had nasal passageways anything like her fathers I would probably have to get use to this. It still bothered me, and I thought about what could be going wrong. To be honest, I had some extremes on my mind, what if there were an open fissure or canal from her upper oral palate connecting into her nose bubbling breast milk up there everytime she fed. Surgery stuffy, big surgery stuff. But otherwise she looked healthy so that couldn’t be it. My mind wandered like mothers minds do.

Then I woke up to this:

What? Is? That? Never seen that before! She has never been sick. Until now we have never had a sniffle or cough from our little angel. Not until we got this new nanny anyways, grrr. But I jumped up and knew then and there that this was a job for the Nose Frieda! (Thank you, who ever blessed us with this on the baby shower day! Love you! So thoughtful) I grabbed it and without reading the instructions, I’m a doctor I can figure out how to get snot out of a nose, I got to assembling and sucking. She fought me. We went to the nannys room and she helped hold her down. And finally, though she screamed through the whole process and it was tough to hold the thing right on target, we got the snot out. Fortunately. I cheered. Then I went online to see other success stories. That when I figured out…

What the heck?…

That’s how you use it?! You don’t just cover her nostril with the red thing and such from the other end? Wait… scrolled through more pictures and my stupidity was confirmed. My ADHD was glorified. I did a facepalm. Doh! Couldn’t I have looked at the package for 30 seconds before I sprung to action?! 

It right there Chris…

Welp. The deed has been done, the more challenging way nonetheless, but needless to say we were successful. So I will no always remember the proper way to use my Nose Frieda.

My review:

Overall rating- 5/5!!!

Ease of use: 5/5 nevermind me.

Functionality: 5/5

Eye appeal: 4/5 but this is a snot sucker guys

Storagibility: 5/5

Ladies, throw away your bulbs, you are doing yourself a disservice by not having this thing in your homes. My mother used to suck my snot out with her mouth, real love but gross, I’m sure even she would have opted for this thingy.

So my verdict is in. LOVED IT! Saved my baby from horrible discomfort of a clogged nose and maybe we can try the bottle again.