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Nigerian Girl – Korean Face Regimen


I really hate fads, I try to stay away from them, but I couldn’t help but take interest when I heard about the Korean Skincare regimen. When I looked into it, it was about belaboring the face-washing routine with the thought that if you pampered your face, you would have great results. Well, in some many times that we are brutal to our faces with the sun, make-up and harsh detergent face washes… I didn’t mind to pay back my sensitive skin. So I looked into it, ridiculous as it seemed.
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Review: Mother’s Milk Tea


Major Key Alert!

Ok, I love reviewing products, in my mind. I haven’t posted any yet, but I will and I will make a habit of it.

So I have had this issue with my breasts and my milk, lol. At first it was way too much and my boobs were little mountains. I mean, they were hard, and painful and they baby just couldn’t keep up. I pumped initially but found that was only making the problem worst (that is a topic for another blog post). Long story short, I was ungrateful of my milk production. I wanted it to die down. I was researching everything on the internet to make it stop. I stopped soothing myself by standing in the stream of a hot shower every morning… that was making it worse.

Now… now that I have returned to work and I want all the milk I can make to build up a stock for the end time… now the milk has slowed down. Baby has no problem getting her fill but I can only pump off 5 oz at a time. I’m at work in my call room twisting and contorting my breasts to squeeze out the last drop and I know that can’t be good aesthetically. So, I took to google again to find the answer. If you can see by now, google is my bestest friend… frenemy at time though.

So I read about the Mother Milk with fenugreek an active ingredient and mild galactogogue (meaning it stimulates your body to produce milk). I heard all types of things, from horrible smell to horrible taste and uselessness and over-priced. Being that I was desperate I decided to give it a try. I went to Whole Foods and picked up a box for $3.99. I’m sure I could have found a cheaper box somewhere else but you always need an excuse to go to Whole Foods so I used it. Not to mention they were handing out free wine and cheese to everyone waiting in line, I resisted because it was my lunch break. I also didn’t want dirty looker from the onlooker who would see me throwing back shots of wine with Mother’s Milk Tea in my other hand. Welp.


Mother’s Milk Tea – Traditional Medicinals

Preparation: I boiled water in my electric teapot. Dropped a tea bag in a cup and poured. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Added 2 cubes of ice. Enjoyed.

Taste: I drink my coffee black. That is all. I don’t think you care what anything tastes like to me after I have informed you of this. Needless to say, the tea had really no taste. Not compared to a strong cup of dark roast Startbuck’s coffee or a potent glass of Merlot. It tasted like tea, watery herbs, light and airy.

Smell: Really? It smelled like tea. I suppose it could have smelled like licorice… if I knew what that smelled like or if I had smell senses. Which I don’t.

Now for the most important part.

Does it work?

It worked FOR ME. Yes, about 48 or so hours after my first drink I was engorged. Engorged in my weak breast, my limp breast, the lil breast that lagged behind and produced an oz less of milk than my leader, winner, golden star breast. I made 8oz in one sitting. Yes, a good 3 oz more. And as long as I kept drinking the tea I made about 4-5oz off each breast every time I pumped. That is a victory so suggest you give it a try. That is all.


Corset training after delivery…


I wore a waist-trainer. Literally 12 hours after giving birth vaginally. It was hard to get into and my husband helped me keep my balance as I pulled like my life depended on it. The last thing I wanted to see in the mirror when I got home was that Buddha pooch. I mean, nothing is wrong with a Buddha pooch, I just didn’t want to see it on me. So I did my research and purchased a waist trainer. But not just any waist trainer. I purchased a weight trainer that was specially geared towards women who had just deliverered babies.

There were all sorts of corsets on the site, corsets for status post vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections of course. The corset actually works like a belly binder and is good for healing especially after a cesarean. It pulls you torso back up into a normal position so that you can heal appropriately, not to mean it keeps you tight so that you maintain your posture and don’t overeat.

I can’t say that my Bellefit corset was the secret to my success. I’m sure as I say many, many times… genetics is something you shouldn’t ignore. But I will say, if given the opportunity I will wear my postpartum corset after every pregnancy. I wore it faithfully 12 hours a day for a few weeks and by the time I saw my OB my uterus had shrunken down deep into my pelvis and she was impressed. It also gave me confidence as I strutted around in my pre-pregnancy jeans and tops 🙂

One thing you have to have in that hospital bag is you postpartum corset! Don’t leave home without it. Have you used a post-partum corset? How do you feel about? Leave your comments below.

Things I Actually Needed For My Newborn

Getting ready to bring a baby home can be so confusing. Buy this, buy that… what will I really need for that darling little love-bug staring up at me? What can I do without? If you have a baby shower, sure you will get a lot of stuff you don’t need, I got clothes sized 2T, and that’s fine just find storage. However, when it comes to spending your pretty little penny then maybe you should consider being a bit more calculated. I’m a month in… so I am going to tell you what Ive needed so far and also the things I will I didn’t buy.

Things I couldn’t live without out… with a newborn:

  • Napper/Changer/Playpen system.
    • So I haven’t used the other functionalities thus far, but as a mom that doesn’t like to lounge in bed, I found that having the portable napper in the living room so that I could cook, clean img_42791and watch TV when I wanted and being able to peer in on my little on as need. This was a gem. I used it daily, multiple times a day. In fact, it was the first thing my baby slept in as soon as we got home. I actually feel like baby prefers this thing over other options for sleeping.
    • PROS – cheap. cheap. cheap price. Didn’t cost a million bucks. It will follow your baby as it ages. Sadly me and my husband looked at it and knew this love affair with the napper would come to an end someday soon, but at least we would have a playpen.
    • CONS – I can’t say I ever used the changer. It looked suspect. The organizer compartment looked like something bought from the dollar store clearance section, but I cant complain because we just didn’t use it. It was a useless appendage.
  • Vitamin D drops
    • Unless you want your baby to blame you for their bout with rickets one day I suggest you not forget this step. Breastfeeding mothers this is controversial. Does your baby really need you to supplement or can you just set him/her on the lawn to bake for a few hours and call it done. A lot of factors can affect how much vitamin D your baby is getting. Are you and babe of a darker skin tone? Then you may not be getting the right amount of sun exposure. Are you in the far north with low sun exposure? That a thought. Were you vitamin D deficient to begin with? Good question, vitamin D deficiency is becoming more of a common issue for young women. I just didn’t chance it. Beside, it think baby like it. She smacked her lips and looked at me like, “You’re the real MVP, ma.”
  • Nursing Bras
    • Why the heck was I not told that this would be the single most important clothing item I would own in new mommy-hood? yeah I had a nursing bra that I bought… but no… I needed 400! One for work, one for sleep, one for play… one for the Sundays… one for walking, one to wear when the one for play is dirty. I needed a black one, a white one… a sport-bra like one. I really never had enough nursing bras. And since I plan to be nursing for a long, long time… then its true that I may never have enough nursing bras.
    • Trust me, trying to maneuver pulling your breast out an around a regular Vickie Secret pushup is not fun… and you baby will stare you down in the worst way.
  • Boobie Pads
    • Ok, they aren’t called boobie pads, but they are the little pads you stick in your bra when you start leaking. You will leak. Its not like one of those problems that SHE has and YOU won’t. You will leak through your bra and fancy shirts and have two bulls eyes on your already huge breastfeeding boobies, when your sleeping and when you out with visitors… so just invest in a few boxes and don’t forget to pop them in your bra especially when you are full. Disposable vs cloth? I’ll leave that up to you.
  • Wiper warmer
    • Are you a first time mom? Have you ever heard a baby that was just recently semi-sleeping screech like mad when a cold, wet wipe touches their bottom. Well, you will. Oh, you will my friend. Initially when I received the wiper warmer, I thought, oh cute. Now when I see the wiper warmer, I offer it a silent thanks and silently wipe my baby.
    • CONS – You have to be fast. Like Jedi fast to do the transaction before the thing cools back down. I’m not sure if mine just wasn’t efficient, I had the Munchkin brand, let me know if there is a better warmer. It could be argued what is the use if its just going to get cold mid-air. But hey, I got pretty fast warmer to tush so I appreciated it.
  • Changing table with changing pad
    • Babies excrete a lot of bodily waste and I’m tall so I appreciated having a designated changing table. We used this daily, many times a day. It was also nice to assort the diapers, warmer and hand sanitizer to have it right there so it was like a one-stop shop for changing. We actually bought a changing topper so it sat on a dresser, so saved room and looked awesome. I recommend, we bought it as a furniture set and the changing table was a $99 addition at BuyBuyBaby.
  • Simethicone drops or Mylicon drops
    • Babies have gas that leads to colics that leads to sleepless nights and being so sad because baby is sad. Simethicone breaks the gas up into little tiny bubbles that are easier for the baby to pass. There is no actual proof that it works per se, but I used it all the time and it felt like it was doing something, even if it was just a placebo effect. I swear by it actually, I keeps a stash hunty.
  • Infant car seat
    • This is a given, need I say more?
  • Newborn baby clothes
    • Ok, so hears the thing… everyone is going to advise you NOT to buy newborn clothes. They are going to swear up and down that your infant will outgrow them in 7 minutes and they will be useless… but um… not true for everyone. My baby is
      she looks and feels like someone's grandpa in these oversized high-waisted pants
      she looks and feels like someone’s grandpa in these oversized high-waisted pants

      approaching 6 weeks and we are rotating around the same 3 pants and its getting pathetic. Pictures are getting akward, we are being forced into creativity and sifting through all the oversized stuff is becoming torture. So get a few newborn pants and cute tops so you and your LO will look like you belong to the same socioeconomic class, whatever that may be.

  •  Aquafor/Petroleum Jelly
    • Newborn dry skin and its issues are no joke. Keep her comfortable.
  • Bows for little girls…
    • Although not necessary it help me. Babies look unisex for a long long time and dressing in pink didn’t do much. I would throw angry stares when someone did the “aw, let me hold him” and “how old is he?”… didn’t I tell you I had a baby girl? Is it that hard to remember

Yes, the items I couldn’t do without in the first 6 weeks. Frankly, I have a closet full of potentially useful items right now. I know I was running helter skelter before delivery wondering if I had enough, stalking the Target baby aisles and becoming overly acquainted with the staff and BabiesRUs. I’m not saying wait till baby is 2 months to do a mad dash for useful inventory as it presents itself, just reminding you that you don’t have to break the bank at one time if its not needed. Hell, we’ve only used our crib 8 times… for 8 naps that lasted less than 8 minutes. Hopefully, you get the point.