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5 Reasons your Workout ain’t Working

As a student, club and collegiate athlete I have “worked-out” under the guidance and supervision of many great coaches who pushed me to my limits even when I wanted to just coast. I had become used to intense workout that made me feel like I was going to die when I heard when I was in store for that day. There was hardly ever a day I enjoyed training. Yes, I met up with my fellow runners but I preferred seeing them outside of track practice, and my coach honestly alway gave me the heebeejeebees so I preferred seeing him not-at-all most times, I loved him though lol. I was the one always being screamed at. I had the potential, but I just wanted to save my 100% for race day, I would give 25% at practice. No luck with that. Even if my coach had to follow me in his car, I had to keep running. They paired me with my match most times and if I didn’t beat her I was nearly tackled at the finish line. It was the same from middle school, to high school, club, and the short time I ran in college before opting to go to Medical School.

Once I started workouts alone, without guidance, it was a major adjustment. I had to learn to push MYSELF to the limit. This wasn’t easy particularly in gyms where it seemed like everyone was just there to watch tv and chat with one another. The first thing I noticed was the likelihood that someone would be resting on machinery looking half asleep. Then there were the guys at the end, crowding the mirrors with free weights, but doing everything but lifting. Free weights were possessions, on the floor, grouped to the side, never being used but always being used. I never saw my weight freed up, always had to poke someone to finish their set and had them off. Lastly, I noticed 95% of people walking on treadmills, leisure walks, no sweat, smiling and watching TV. Wow. Hello.

So as a fitness enthusiast, let me share with you, if you are likely to be someone who goes to the gym without seeing adequate results, the REASONS you are staying stagnant. I’ll keep it simple. Continue reading 5 Reasons your Workout ain’t Working

Nigerian Girl – Korean Face Regimen


I really hate fads, I try to stay away from them, but I couldn’t help but take interest when I heard about the Korean Skincare regimen. When I looked into it, it was about belaboring the face-washing routine with the thought that if you pampered your face, you would have great results. Well, in some many times that we are brutal to our faces with the sun, make-up and harsh detergent face washes… I didn’t mind to pay back my sensitive skin. So I looked into it, ridiculous as it seemed.
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Sample Menu and recipes for the Sugar Detox!

Sample Week Menu


Some recipes

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup Chia seeds
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • Optional: 3-5 strawberries

You can blend in a blender for a smoother texture, or place all the ingredients in a mason jar and leave overnight. You can also add: matcha, toasted pecans (or other nuts), or banana. Refrain from adding sweeteners like maple syrup or stevia.

Kale Chips

  • Kale, (washed, cut, patted dry)
  • Olive oil
  • Pinch of salt

Take prepped Kale, coat with olive oil by tossing lightly. Kale should be very lightly coated so that it does not end up soggy. Place on noninsulated cookie sheet with the curly ends down. Bake on 350 for 10 minutes, but watch closely. You don’t want them to burn. You can remove the pan and turn 180 degrees so that they cook evenly.

More recipes are coming, stay tuned and stay strong!

Sugar Detox, the Introduction

 If you are here, it is because you have decided to challenge yourself to my sugar detox. I plan to give you as much guidance as I can, as I expect us to all struggle but we will do so together.

If you are hesitant, let me tell you a little bit more about why this detox will change your life.

If you don’t know by now sugar is the real enemy. Since it was processed and introduced to our tables it has been causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, illness, weight gain, fatigue, metabolic derangements, adult-onset allergies, skin rashes and conditions like psoriasis and eczema, autoimmune diseases and depression. We have become addicted to it. It has been forced on us into our diets, everywhere we turn, we are being stuffed with sugar. Both knowingly and unknowingly. It has come to the point that many of us have come to accept that we cannot go a day without sugar. Even if we know how much harm it is causing us. Is that not an addiction?

We suffer from bloating, headaches, mucus over-secretion, fatigue, mental cloudiness, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, and stubborn pounds that will not come off. We are getting sicker and sicker than the generation before us. Why do we remain so placid? Why not take a stance, instead of succumbing to the very thing that is digging our grave?!

Did you know: Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Sugar has become a part of our expression of love! When I love you: I buy you chocolate. When  I want you to celebrate: I give you cake. When I want you to be a good kid: I give you candy, juice, soda pop, sugary cereals and snacks. Do we do this intentionally or are we really this blind? Many times, I’ve watched at birthday parties, as the kids run around frantically under a sugar high, the parents sit with their arms crossed and they have refused to partake in eating the cake and candy. Why? You gave it to your offspring. You mean to tell me you can give to your child what you know will be their demise? Diabetes is affecting children now. They are getting fatter and fatter with no self control. They are becoming sick blobs, just like the rest of us, and we just keep rolling in the white stuff.

Who is the real enemy? Maybe the food companies. It is easy to make crap and cover it with sugar and sell it cheap. Just put sugar in it an it will fly off the shelves! Call it low-fat and load it with sugar and everyone will buy it. Make it easy for people to eat, put it in bars, microwave packs and call it HEALTHY… how sad. How foolish can we be. Sugar can never be healthy. Yet, we close our eyes and guzzle it down. We eat the meal replacement with 32g of sugar. We drink the gatorade with 21g of sugar in a 5 oz bottle. There is no earthly reason why a child should be consuming juice. Juice is sugar and sugar is juice. Look at the ingredients. Water. Sugars. Concentrated chemical jargon. Give your kid and apple, not apple juice. Sugar, sugar, sugar, all day and every day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

I ask my patients, ‘have you ever JUICED and APPLE? How many apples does it take to make a cup of apple juice?’ If it sounds ridiculous stop drinking it!

You are the one to blame. You are putting wrinkles on your face, tires around your waist, roadblocks in your mind and shackles on your feet. You can’t get out of bed because you spent the day before poisoning your cells. Our bodies don’t like sugar. They protest! Sugar when loose in our systems is like an evil pin ball, more like a wrecking ball, destroying everything in its path.

So if it’s the hardest thing you do all year… why don’t you eliminate sugar? Why don’t you challenge yourself to wake up from your addiction. After all, they say sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Even if its 3 days out of your life… or even 30! You owe it to yourself after all the abuse you have self-inflicted.

You are here. So take the next step and challenge yourself to my 30 day detox, I will be challenging myself as well. If you are not a different person in 30 days, shoot me a personal email and I will try to figure out where we went wrong.

I am not selling anything. I have nothing to gain. I just want to change the way my friends and family think. I just want to spread a little knowledge.

It is a 5 level plan. The simplest entry level is elimination, the next steps are addition of different tools to rejuvenate your cells. Stay tuned for upcoming posts, the guidelines and rules. Purchase a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Go online and order some Oil of Oregano (from a reputable dealer). Subscribe to my blog for updates because starting FEBRUARY 1ST… WE ARE TAKING THE PLUNGE!



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The Houston Half

I ran another half marathon. 13.1 miles.


It was an experience, yes it was. I think everyone should run a race sometime in their lifetime. Whether it be a half-marathon, 10 k, 5k, 1k! Something, get out there and experience the hype. There are so many experiences to live for.

I trained. My goal was not to win, my goal was not to impress anyone. My goal was to finish, to finish with a reasonable time, I would be happy with running 13 miles at approximately 11 minutes per mile and not dying of a leg cramp at mile 9. My goal was not to have a finish line picture where an old man was crossing the line before me with a smile on his face. Old men img_5836could finish. They could finish before me. I just didn’t need my personal race picture to immortalize that. I just want to look back at my picture and feel like I am the ish… it that too much to ask for? In 2013 my victory was robbed from me because of that very thing and I was determined to not have that happen again.

There were all types of runners. Big small, old young, white black. Everyone was unified, running together. Cheering and supporting one another. Some people were walking together, laughing at their defeat. Others paced each other, knowing that not knowing the stranger you were running with at least you knew you were not going to give up to a stranger. There was one strange man who ran with me… or at least he used me to pace himself as he would trail behind me walking then speed up and dash ahead only long enough for him to grow tired walk and trail behind me and dash off again. I made eye contact with him a few times. I knew I was his pacer. It made me angry but what could I do. While I ran blisters into the insoles of my shoes he jog-walked and sipped water from his water bag on his back and mocked my half-marathon existence. I refused to walk. I was actually keeping a good 10 minutes pace until mile 12. At mile 12 the 10min/mi group passed me up. My knees and hips protested. I settled into a 10:30 pace. I initially started off with an 8min/mi pace, that was my mistake. I was too excited and I bolted on the start line. 3 miles in I realized I forgot my energy shot blocks and I panicked mentally, that mental panic knocked a good mile off.  I stopped at every Gatorade station to get some sugar intake for energy for the miles to come. I hate stopping for drinks. It slows you down, you run into people, you are tempted to walk. Have you ever tried to run and drink Gatorade from a miniature paper cup before? Its hard.

As I neared the finish line I saw the old man. It wasn’t the same old man but nonetheless it was a man well in age with more than enough white hairs on his head and a hunched back. How he passed me I don’t know but he did. I looked for the photographers… they were there. I could not let this happen again so I did it. I sprinted. I sprinted and ran like a rabid pit-bull had broken off  its chained leash and was chasing me down the street. People were clapping. I was just trying to pass that man. I did. And I have the picture immortalized, no old man in sight!

It hurt, but crossing that line felt better. I put my medal around my neck so proud. I was hurting but not that bad. Walking around the field with so many other finishers. Eating free pancakes and breakfast burritos… hobbling in line to get beer that I probably wouldn’t drink. I was so happy that my friends convinced me to do this, I was so happy that we endured through the training with all its challenges and despite our busy work schedules, I was so happy I finished.

I knew that this was something I would do again. Very soon.



How to eat with no restraint and LOSE weight

I’m going to be brief and to the point. With so many food options and cravings it is hard to stay true to yourself and it is hard to lose weight when you want to! The world is calling you to eat and to eat junk, not because it tastes good but because they want you to spend your money. There is always a bigger burger, a super size, a faster option than cooking at home. Trust me, if you could eat anything else, cooking at home would be a much viable option.

The truth is. I eat. Any one who knows me know that I eat a lot. I am not afraid of food. But how do I stay somewhat slim despite my unrestricted palate. There are a few beliefs I have as stated in other places in my blog that I feel that are important to use to dictate my life and eating habits. I have changed the way I see food so I never see eating what I want as a problem. Now, that in no way means that I eat whatever I want, quite the opposite. I eat less junk so that I can really indulge in what I want and not feel guilty.

I don’t believe you should ignore any food in the pyramid. Carbs are important and so are fats! You are going to need oils in your diet and you are going to have to eat sugar at many points so why fight it? There should be a healthy balance right? It kills me when I see people abstaining from carbs, I just stare like: do you really think you are going to keep that up for the rest of your life? Good luck with that. Wouldn’t it be more effective to take note of what kind of carbs you eat, what kind of fats? Make yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth. Its easy to say… nope, no carbs all proteins. That doesn’t take much mind processing. What’s harder is saying… what kind of carbs will I allow myself and how much is enough?

Now I am just going to rattle off and you can take from it what you will, these are just ideas I think you can add to your mindset. You may not agree with all of them but what you do agree with you can make something of.

  1. Eat simpler carbs and grains. Avoid refined breads, etc. I just avoid bleached breads, cakes, chips, donuts. These things are the devil and they are at the opposite end of my food spectrum in the red zone. If I eat these things it is rare and I’m usually making a mental note to not indulge again anytime soon. I eat lots of rice, oatmeal, farina etc. You can’t avoid these things. A lot of these food are staple foods that our ancestors indulged in daily. Do I know if these foods are broken down differently in your body? No. But I have a gut feeling that there must be something about it.
  2. Sugar is the enemy. I believe sugar is the root of all evil. We have enough natural sugar in our foods, why add table sugar. Anything that has sugar in the first five ingredients can’t be good for you. Sugar causes cancer. Sugar causes heart disease. Sugar causes insulin resistance. Not fat. Fat is not the enemy. Your body can handle fat, it can’t handle certain types of sugar. I stay away from sugar. I don’t eat candy, I hardly eat pastries, I certainly don’t drink sugary drinks or juices. I actually don’t drink juice period. If I need something sweet and fruity I will eat fruit, not juice, juice is sugar.
  3. Ex out processed foods. Come to my pantry closet, you will not see many things in boxes or bags. We don’t eat noodles, cereal, box dinners, Oreos, soda pop. Our pantry is not for storage of unperishable foods, it stores cooking utensils, Tupperware and supplements/vitamins etc. We have a weak pantry compared to the average American. Stop buying processed foods. Put it down, its gross. I bet you cant even pronounce half of the ingredients so why put it in your mouth. Greens in a bag, now you’re talking, we can do that, but bagged marshmallows… stop it!
  4. Make a colorful plate. Get creative. When I sit down for dinner, I judge myself on how colorful my plate is. Meat is brown, rice is white, veggie is green… pretty colorful. No color block there. I’m a simple person, I like to invite all my food groups to the party. A bowl of Ramen for dinner is un-axe-ceptable.
  5. Make it at home! You can have pizza, burgers, wings and the such. Try making it yourself! Yes, buy the dough or use pita bread. Get your mozzarella and tomato sauce, stack with mushroom and spinach and ricotta, throw it in the oven and watch it bubble over. That was not hard, and you feel proud that you made it yourself. Did you know one slice of your home made pizza may be half the calories of Papa Johns? And probably twice as nutritious! I throw my own burger on the grill all the time, I usually indulge in topping like charred jalapeño, grilled mushrooms, and pepper jack cheese for a tower like sandwich that is hard to stuff in my mouth. When I compare this to a McDonalds… its laughable. I would much rather make my own burger, any day. And it doesn’t take as much effort as you think. You can even mock the menu. I love Chinese take-out and I have made my own sesame chicken and beef broccoli many a times, and trust me when I eat it I know exactly what I’m eating. When you prepare your food, you are more likely to be gentler at the hand when it comes to salt, sugar, butter and oils. The food chains, they will dump the butter by the load and take your money for it.
  6. Don’t stop! Seriously, don’t stop. Don’t do it. Don’t pull into the drive thru, don’t let them take your order and don’t give them your money. Stay strong, drive home. You are more likely to make better food decisions when you are pulling it out of your fridge. If impulse is your problem, pack some carrots or crackers for those moments that you know you will be dying to eat and your spirit will be weak. Its hard to be dying for Taco Bell with cracker crumbs in your mouth.
  7. Drink water and only water. This piggy backs off of rule number 2. No other drink is necessary. Well, for me I like my wine (red, bitter) and I like my coffee (black, bitter). Drinks are empty calories. Empty calories! Look at that bottle in your hand. 2 serving, 200 calories each. 400 calories if you drink that in one sitting. Do you know what 400 calories means to me? That is 4 miles on the treadmill. Yes, 4 miles. So if you think running 4 miles is hard then it should be just as hard to guzzle a bottle of Fanta. Juice is no better. Have you ever seen someone make apple juice? Me neither. There is no such thing as apple juice. If I want apple juice I will eat an apple and settle. Have you expressed juice from a grape? Its not purple. Why are you playing yourself? Stop drinking that poison.
  8. Milk is a fattener. Need I say more? Who was milk made for. End of story, I cannot drive this in any more than I already have. Avoid milk. Avoid dairy. I love cheese, I love milk stuff. But guess what, when I indulge I know that I am indulging in a fattener.
  9. There is no good cereal on the planet. Sorry. Cereal is not good for you. Cereal is sugar. Sugar is the devil. Cereal is the devil in angel clothing. There is no difference from  Honey Nut Roasted Blah blah to Frosted blahblah to Cinnamon Toasted blahblah. It’s all the same. Look at the sugar content, very similar. And to top it off, you have to pair it with milk. What the what? Nope. I lost weight when I gave up cereal. Struggle weight, lol.
  10. Alcohol is calories babe. All those Rum Runners and El Grande margaritas are loaded with sugar that adds inches to your waist. I like alcohol too, but I’ll be damned if I let a drink derail my weeks progress. You only need to cut 500 calories a day to loose a pound in a week. If you guzzle 4 drinks at Kona happy hour… welp. Try going straight. I’m not a stranger to sipping on an iced double shot throughout the night, remember I don’t believe in juice. Mind you its been a while since I’ve needed a double shot of whatever, but the point still carries. Drinks are empty calories, choose your poison wisely or deal with it.
  11. Diet foods are not diet foods. Why do you trust an industry to tell you what is low-fat and low calorie? Firstly, fat isn’t bad, take it in moderation. They say low-fat and push sugar on you when sugar is the real villain. Most diet food are in bags and boxes… so its already breaking a few of my no-nos. And many diet food are cereal bars. Ok, they get no play in my day. Next.
  12. Drink water before your meal. Did you know half the time you feel hungry you are really thirsty? Have you ever drank a glass of water and thought, wow… I can’t eat all of that now. Drink water and drink it often. Water is not the enemy. It will actually wash away your blemishes, wash out your impurities and wash away your sins (lol, if you are being baptized.) Cut water some slack, you are 2/3 water, stop acting like its so bad for you and embrace it.
  13. Don’t count on exercise to correct you diet mistakes. This is a big misconception. You can use exercise to add to what you are doing in the kitchen, but do not rely on exercise to right your wrongs. What does exercise do to most people? It makes them hungry! What do they do? Eat! So now you ate bad to begin with, ran a measly mile and you want to follow it with diet bars, cereal and victory mimosa. Chill! If you can’t get your diet right you might as well not waste your time in the gym. The gym is a supplement and not the answer. Plus running a mile burns approximately 100 calories, that’s half a bag of M&Ms, do you smell me?
  14. Portion control. A great man once said, eat as much as you want so long as it is green. Anything else should be eaten in moderation. You want a salad, the dressing can foil in if you go overboard. Many times I have eaten a burger and fries and still eaten better than friends at the table who order the Jumbo Mega-tron Chicken Caesar salad where each piece of lettuce is doused in creamy ranch and designed with crunchy croutons, chunks fried chicken, bacon bits, and egg. Look at what you are eating. Look at your bowl/plate, is that appropriate. I got rid of al my large bowl and plates, that’s a lie, I actually just stopped eating out of them. I use smaller dishes to serve myself and guess what? I’m no more hungrier than I was when I ate with the serving platter. I didn’t need that much food. I didn’t need to finish that entrée at Chili’s (I hardly ever go out to eat), I didn’t need to supersize that order, I didn’t need another serving of rice. Get it? Control yourself and you can eat whatever you want.
  15. Stop dieting! Diets don’t work. They are a quick fix, and you always gain it back. Change the way you eat forever and you will see more sustainable results.

It takes 30 days to make a habit and 30 days to break a habit. 30 days is a long time and it is hard! Trust me, when you abstain from something for long enough it is hard making it the center of your life. Test yourself, give up something for one month and see if it rules you anymore after that. My bet is that it wont. Take your time, you will fail more than once, I did and I ate a slice of pizza at a potluck. Who care, as long as you are working towards a healthy lifestyle it wont matter, as long as you stay on the high road.

Hope that helps!

Any questions? Post them below!



Running A Half Marathon – 3 months PP

You can do anything you put your mind to. Seriously.

There is no imaginary timing that is right. There is no imaginary starting line. You just wake up, take a breath and go. That is how I live my life. I go. I challenge myself. I don’t let anyone tell me that I can’t (in fact that is a surefire way to push me further into the task.)

I am running a half marathon, and I am giving myself 8 weeks to train. That is because I had to sit out for 4 weeks and let my uterus simmer down, but soon as I got the ok I hit the pavement. It won’t be my first. I really like running, it can be relaxing when you aren’t getting injured or feeling like your lungs are on fire. I can’t say it wasn’t challenging. My first run I felt like I hadn’t run in years. I ran 13 minute miles and got home and laid on the floor shaking. Then I bled like a… I don’t even want to think of a simile for that, just know that I bled and I was scared. But I got up and ran following that like a fool. I let my beloved talk me into running a half marathon with them and that is where I am now.

I am breastfeeding, pumping, studying, researching, interview and looking like somebodies scarecrow running down Broadway St at 6:35 pm with a hydration belt strapped around my waist. I am crazy, it is confirmed but guess what? I like it. I like the look people give me when I tell them what I am doing to keep my shape.

I haven’t died yet. I’m still here. Still running.

My race is October 30th, I have bought my new shoes and I’m breaking them in. I’m not bleeding anymore and I have got some endurance under my hydration belt. I feel good, I feel the best than I have felt for a while even after an 8 mile run. I feel invincible and I’m googling more upcoming races because I’m not gonna let this go again.

Corset training after delivery…


I wore a waist-trainer. Literally 12 hours after giving birth vaginally. It was hard to get into and my husband helped me keep my balance as I pulled like my life depended on it. The last thing I wanted to see in the mirror when I got home was that Buddha pooch. I mean, nothing is wrong with a Buddha pooch, I just didn’t want to see it on me. So I did my research and purchased a waist trainer. But not just any waist trainer. I purchased a weight trainer that was specially geared towards women who had just deliverered babies.

There were all sorts of corsets on the site, corsets for status post vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections of course. The corset actually works like a belly binder and is good for healing especially after a cesarean. It pulls you torso back up into a normal position so that you can heal appropriately, not to mean it keeps you tight so that you maintain your posture and don’t overeat.

I can’t say that my Bellefit corset was the secret to my success. I’m sure as I say many, many times… genetics is something you shouldn’t ignore. But I will say, if given the opportunity I will wear my postpartum corset after every pregnancy. I wore it faithfully 12 hours a day for a few weeks and by the time I saw my OB my uterus had shrunken down deep into my pelvis and she was impressed. It also gave me confidence as I strutted around in my pre-pregnancy jeans and tops 🙂

One thing you have to have in that hospital bag is you postpartum corset! Don’t leave home without it. Have you used a post-partum corset? How do you feel about? Leave your comments below.

How to look good post-partum

Ok, I am going to give you a few key points that went through my head constantly as I carried my little one as far as how I felt my body would recover after childbirth. First I want to say, the most important thing when you are pregnant is to carry that baby. Now is not the time to start a crazy workout or diet. Now is the time to thank God for the ultimate blessing. 

But we do fall off the wagon when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Pregnancy is not supposed to be a bad experience full of back aches, swelling, food cravings and pelvic mal-alignment. I think because the tradition is to sit up like a robin’s egg during those 9 months is part of the problem. Ladies, it is ok to be active! Get walking, running, lifting. Feel good about yourself and your image. Even if you can leave the house sit on a stability ball and balance your core, open your pelvis. Stretch, lift your legs and do pelvic thrusts. I am no expert but I believe that when you are pregnant there is so much going on in your body already, why not focus on being the most healthy and fit. What other time would be more appropriate.

I make it a point to go to the gym 3-4x/week. It has always been this way because I see exercise as a stress reliever. However when I became heavily (more like noticeably) pregnant, I got many derogatory remarks when I was seen at, going to or leaving my homeimg_25331 gym. When I walked the stairs at work and opted for doing my own tasks I was told that I was taking it too hard on baby and would end up having a c-section if I didn’t slow down. When I filled my plate with veggies and nibble on fruits during break I was told that I needed to focus on gaining more weight. What?! Now, as much as I understand that this people were simply *hating* I still questioned why it was the culture to lay around and gain weight during pregnancy. Why was my carrying the lifestyle that I had maintained prior to pregnancy a bad thing? Why was it that dipping fries into a large Frosty drink would have been a more acceptable sight to these people. I was 39 weeks pregnant and taking the stair… BECAUSE I ALWAYS TAKE THE STAIRS.

Working out until the last day!

Rant over!

If you want to look good after pregnancy here is my secret. Don’t LET GO during your pregnancy! Keep up your standard, dieting and exercising. Stay healthy. The American College of Gynecology (ACOG) suggests that women continued to be active with at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week… at least.

So try this next time you get a positive pregnancy test. Promise yourself that this is going to be the healthiest pregnancy ever, as far as you can control. Watch what you eat and make it a point to stay active. Then you won’t worry about excessive weight gain afterwards.

Bouncing back after pregnancy…

This is me less than a month after I delivered my first child.

Let me clarify, I do not think that I have bounced back… this just seems to be a compliment that I have received quite a bit. Many tell me that I in no way look like I delivered a baby 2, 4 or 6 weeks ago. This question really confused me because I was constantly asking myself what a woman who had recently had kids is supposed to look like? What is the standard?

I can tell you what I did during and after my pregnancy that help me retain my shape. I didn’t go on any binge diet or wacky exercise routines, I didn’t starve myself or sweat it off; I just lived by a few rules that I have always lived by. I want to share because maybe if you adjere to some of these rules you may have success. I say may because I am in no way denying that there genetics involved in this whole thing.

In my practice, I always tell my patients: you have 30 days to break a habit and 30 days to break a habit and those will be 30 very painful days.

When you are ready to make a lifestyle change it is the equivilant to do an about turn and entering directly into the most resistance. It is going to be hard until you get some momentum going. Your body and mind want you to revert back to what you were doing, what was so easy, even if it was killing you. Diets don’t work because your body reverts. Same with anything that isn’t meant to last forever. I followed rules that were meant to last forever, I made them into my way of life so before, during and after pregnancy there was no absolutely no change.

I followed rules that were meant to last forever

  1. Don’t eat unless you need to. Meals should be planned. They should follow a schedule… as good as they can. Don’t eat a twinkie just because its there… it’s not breakfast, lunch or dinner (and you probably would have a twinkie with those meals anyways). Now, I did have to add snack although I’m not a snack person to keep up with my appetite, but even these snacks came around the same time every day.
  2. Don’t eat to be FULL. I don’t mean that you should eat to satisfaction or that you should starve yourself. But eating until you cant breathe is not a good idea. Usually you don’t need a second serving. Try using a small plate and not the oversized platter for dinner. Drink water with your meals and this will help you gauge your intake better.
  3. Don’t eat out of a bag or box. Our pantry is unimpressive and our fridge is overfull. Eat foods with ingredients you can understand
    First three ingrediets: Salt, sugar and MSG. Goodness no!
    First three ingrediets: Salt, sugar and MSG. Goodness no!
    and don’t make you sick to your stomach. If it isn’t fresh then its processed and probably not very good for you. I usually buy all of my ingredients and make things from scratch, but then again I like to cook. If you must buy pre-made meals then look at the ingredient and if the first few ingredients are salt, sugar, or some chemical… er.
  4. White ain’t right. Bleached breads, cookies and snacks are not good for the waist. Same with sugars and dairy products (will talk more about this later). I avoid breads like the plague. Sugar is what causes most health problems in the Western world not fat! If it has sugar in it just say no… that goes for juices, candies, pastries, cereals, starbucks drinks. It just isn’t worth it at least for me.
  5. Dairy and Devil. the Dairy and the Devil. Same difference. Milk is a fattener. If you are breastfeeding then you know this. Look how fast your baby has doubled in size… all from you MILK. Do you want to double in size like a baby cow or baby pig? If the answer is no then just avoid milk and all things composed of it. There is no such thing as a healthy cereal because it will break my 4th and 5th rule.
  6. Eat as many vegetable and fruits as you can. There is no limit on the God-given foods. The things he brought forth from the ground for you. He knew these things would never make you fat so why not eat them. When you are thinking about a McDonald’s combo eat a juicy peach! If Chik-Fil-A is calling you steam some broccoli. The sugar in fruits is no where as bad as table sugar, they have done studies that prove that even though who ate upwards of 20 pieces of fruits daily didn’t have more health problems than those that stuck to five.
  7. Try different spices. Aren’t you tired of seasoning your foods with salt, Maggi, Knorr and soy sauce? Jeez, salt overload much. Even if you are losing weight you wont feel it if you are bloated. Besides have you seen what is in knorr and maggi? MSG? More salt? Try cumin, curry, paprika, and fresh onions and garlic. Change your palate. It took me a while to get used to NOT having salt in my foods and now I can hardly eat out without a pitcher of water nearby.
  8. Shop in the grocery perimeter. Nothing good is the aisles. Trust me I’ve been there. You should hardly even venture into the aisle for anything, everything there is processed, bagged, boxed and unhealthy. Anything that need to be got from the aisle once in a while should be consumed in moderation ie oil, breads and grains, condiments, etc.

Bodies are made in the KITCHEN and not in the gym. No amount of workout will shrink that waist like a good diet will. You can burn 700 calories jumping around for an hour and eat it in 2 minutes with a poor diet. You can on the other hand, eat less calories in a day and lose up to two pounds in a week and then compounded with exercise get a good tone to your body!

There is plenty where that came from but that is enough for now. The moral of the story is: you know what is good for you so just eat it. There is no secret diet plan. Just change what you put in your mouth. It’s going to be hard at first but that is the beauty at first. Initially, you will kick yourself and fail often. But once you are in cruise control it is a good feeling and the pound will fly off.