5 Reasons your Workout ain’t Working

As a student, club and collegiate athlete I have “worked-out” under the guidance and supervision of many great coaches who pushed me to my limits even when I wanted to just coast. I had become used to intense workout that made me feel like I was going to die when I heard when I was in store for that day. There was hardly ever a day I enjoyed training. Yes, I met up with my fellow runners but I preferred seeing them outside of track practice, and my coach honestly alway gave me the heebeejeebees so I preferred seeing him not-at-all most times, I loved him though lol. I was the one always being screamed at. I had the potential, but I just wanted to save my 100% for race day, I would give 25% at practice. No luck with that. Even if my coach had to follow me in his car, I had to keep running. They paired me with my match most times and if I didn’t beat her I was nearly tackled at the finish line. It was the same from middle school, to high school, club, and the short time I ran in college before opting to go to Medical School.

Once I started workouts alone, without guidance, it was a major adjustment. I had to learn to push MYSELF to the limit. This wasn’t easy particularly in gyms where it seemed like everyone was just there to watch tv and chat with one another. The first thing I noticed was the likelihood that someone would be resting on machinery looking half asleep. Then there were the guys at the end, crowding the mirrors with free weights, but doing everything but lifting. Free weights were possessions, on the floor, grouped to the side, never being used but always being used. I never saw my weight freed up, always had to poke someone to finish their set and had them off. Lastly, I noticed 95% of people walking on treadmills, leisure walks, no sweat, smiling and watching TV. Wow. Hello.

So as a fitness enthusiast, let me share with you, if you are likely to be someone who goes to the gym without seeing adequate results, the REASONS you are staying stagnant. I’ll keep it simple. Continue reading 5 Reasons your Workout ain’t Working