Styling your baby on a BUDGET

Dressed my baby for under $5
This outfit was approximately $3

I am going to give you secrets to discount shopping for baby in Houston…

Am I the only one that believes that dressing a baby is a huge waste?Sifting through the racks at the Galleria I was appalled that anyone would spend over 25% on a top for a one year old.

Babies grow.

Babies grow fast.

It doesn’t make sense putting them in top-notch fashions and spending high dollar when they won’t fit into those same threads in in 4 weeks.

There are only two excuses for buying clothing regularly priced:

  • You have many children that can share the clothing and get the most wear from handing them down to each other. That $15 dollar shirt get worn well in the span of two to five years.
  • You just have the money to spend and can’t think of anything to spend it on.
    • In this case, I object – unless you really do have all your investment accounts maxed out and have given to reasonable charitable causes and can really afford to splurge, then so be it.

But I belong to neither category, yet (God-willing) and I suppose if you are here it means… neither do you.

When shopping for baby you have to be creative!

I have a ridiculously tight fist. I only spend money frivolously on food, because that is my vice. You may have your vices, that is fine, most people do. This is not a post about vices, its a post about saving money, not validation. In my one year plus of being a mother, I have discovered some tips, tricks, and locations that will save you a handful. If you know of more – sharing = caring!

Options to consider for budget styling:

  1. Kid2Kid – This is a kids thrift shop located by the Galleria in Houston.
    • They re-sell clothing that has been gently used for great prices.
    • I’ve had many great finds here.
    • You can even find strollers, toys, christening dresses, halloween costumes – savings are ENDLESS.
    • Prices can vary, from $0.50 to $10 depending on the item, they sell some high-end hand-me-down’s from Burberry and etc… expect to get over 75% off but the price will still be high for specialty items.
  2. JBF Just Between Friends this is a rotating offering of children’s clothes, toys, and supplies from strollers to cribs.
    • JBF does not have a store-front. It rotates like a circus through different areas in Houston, often for a weekend at at time.
    • I can not tell you how many finds I have come across at these events. Mostly toys and gently used books to shoes.
    • They have a HUGE selection and they offer discounts to grandparents, first responders, teaches and FTMs (First time mommies)
    • Visit:
  3. HEB – yes I said HEB
    • They have a small children clothing section in the back and many times I have come across them selling items for $1-2.50 for tops and bottoms for ages 0 months and up.
    • If you happen to find yourself at an HEB getting groceries, wander to the kids section and sift through the clearance.
  4. Amazon/Ebay
    • Don’t be afraid to find bargains on the internet
    • Ebay has some nice bows and hair clips in bulk for a pretty price. Sometimes 45 headbands or bows for $10! Many times if I can wait I will go ahead and order straight from China, but be prepared to wait at least 2-4 weeks. And SURPRISE – oh I ordered this? Oh yeah. What a treat!
    • Amazon has some good priced sleeping pajama sets from different vendors selling Carters etc for the low-low. I can usually get 3-5 pairs of zip-up onesies for approximately 20 dollars, where I could have gone to a department store at bough one for $9.99
  5. The Misfortune of Large Corporations – *le sigh* I am talking about keeping your ears and eyes on the streets and finding out which clothing outfitters are going out of business. Sad for them but good for you, in some ways.
    • Gymboree is currently having a closing blowout:
      • All items 70% off
        • Buy 10+ items get an extra 20% off your entire bill
        • Buy 20+ items and get an extra 50% of your bill
    • Crazy8 is supposedly closing at the end of the year
    • I usually wait until the end when the discounts are the highest, unless there is something I have had my eyes on that I know may be gone before they’re practically giving stuff away, i.e. jackets, shoes, and Easter dresses.
    • I’m not telling you to pray for the untimely demise of Baby Gap, just be ready when opportunity presents itself and be prepared to purchase for the years to come.
  6. HandMEdowns
    • Everyone is having babies, so there is plenty to go around if you think about it. Don’t be ashamed to ask a friend for whatever they don’t need.
    • I’ve been waiting for someone to help me off-load my storage because I don’t know when I am going to have an opportunity to doll my baby girl up in 3mo materials… it could be some years, so I’m open to donating and even handing over to a friend.
    • I would never push used clothing onto anyone. Visiting with a old grocery bag full of freshly laundered old clothing like – ‘Hey, I am too cheap to buy you anything from the stores so I picked through my childs closet and this is our offering.’ Yeah. I would not have many friends if I did that Im sure.  But I will just wait for someone to ask… or I could offer.

I’m not telling you to pray for the untimely demise of Baby Gap, just be ready when opportunity presents itself and be prepared to purchase for the years to come.

So in a nutshell, those are a few ways to have you child looking cuter than ever while the CHEAPEST. And you will truly feel wonderful knowing that you did not break the bank for outfits people will only see once, and he/she may only wear once.

Have any other suggestions I can add to the list? Let me know!

How to style you baby in the cutest fashions with a budget
Sunday wear!

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