Letting Baby’s Hair Free!

Why I decided to let her hair be!



We are in such a society where everyone and everything has to look good. People are constantly taking pictures, you are under pressure to look picture perfect at all times. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some embarrassing moments where I’ve clutched my 22 pearls thinking:

Oh my baby girls hair looks horrible!

So I plop her on my lap, turn on her favorite cartoon and get to detangling, combing, gelding and brushing her tiny hairs into small pigtails and bows. She would cry and wriggle, when I was done and marveled I would contemplate later how to keep from doing the same thing the next day! How often do I put her through this? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

I asked other moms how they did it. Responses:

  1. When she is sleeping
  2. She just lets me do it
  3. I force her to sit still

Well, clearly none of this was going to work for me. I have a hard time getting her to sleep as it is and the last thing I’m going to do is risk waking her up trying to comb her hair. She won’t just let me do it. And forcing a one-year-old to submit to pain unnecessarily seemed cruel.

So I decided.

Just let her be.


If anyone had a problem with it, that was their problem. I wasn’t going to stress it anymore, except for extreme occasions. Why?

  • She’s a baby, they don’t have to be held to adult standards of looking cute (as much as society pushes it)
  • Why put in her in pain at this age?
  • Why risk more breakage from rubber bands and tension?
  • No style keeps for longer than a day
  • Use that time for more hugs and kisses

I know I could buy her a satin bonnet, but I’ve nearly strangulated by one of those in my advanced age so… no. Maybe a satin pillowcase or sheet. I’m not going to cut all her hair off either. I’m just gonna let it be. Free, wild. I’ll brush it and detangle it but no more than that!

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