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I really hate fads, I try to stay away from them, but I couldn’t help but take interest when I heard about the Korean Skincare regimen. When I looked into it, it was about belaboring the face-washing routine with the thought that if you pampered your face, you would have great results. Well, in some many times that we are brutal to our faces with the sun, make-up and harsh detergent face washes… I didn’t mind to pay back my sensitive skin. So I looked into it, ridiculous as it seemed.

So there are 10 steps that should be followed every time:

  1. Oil Cleanser
    • traps the makeup and gently removes while moisturizing
      • Tatcha Cleansing Oil
  2. Foam Cleanser 
    • For a deeper clean
      • Currently using a Pacifica – Kale Detox and Fresh Soy Cleanser
  3. Exfoliate
    • 3-4 times a week to revive your skin cells and slough off the bad stuff
    • I use:
      • Tatcha Rice Powder Enzyme or
      • Fresh Sugar Scrub with Rose Petal Mask
  4. Toner
    • I do this daily because I think it is important to purify your skin and close your pores.
    • Try to use something gentle and without alcohol
      • I use Thayers’ Alcohol Free – Witch Hazel with Rose Petals
  5. Essense
    • This is the core of the Korean regimen, a watery substance that is absorbed readily into the skin
    • I do this daily
      • I use Tatcha Essence 
  6. Serum/Ampule
    • The serum and essence are separate but seem the same to me. Serum is a bit thicker and more moisturizing, thin consistency.
      • I use the Tatcha serum
  7. Mask
    • More serum or moisturizing in a deep mask that will sit on your face for about 20 minutes.
    • Different masks have different qualities
    • I do this once a week
      • I use DrJ
  8. Eye Cream
    • Use something that targets your issue be it puffiness or dark circles
      • I use Fresh Lotus Eye cream
  9. MoisturizerThe “duh” step
      • I use the Fresh Youth Preserving 7 Complex
  10. SPF
    • Protect you skin from harmful UV rays
    • I have dark skin, so I already have built in protection, but I still use SPF for this Houston sun. Even if it means shielding off a few wrinkles… I’m for it.
      • I use The Origins A Perfect World SPF 40


So how did it work for me?

Well I have been doing the routine for about 2 months now with great result. I can say, I haven’t had one break out since (not even blackheads) and my facial psoriasis is in CHECK! My face does feel smoother and not rough, dry and patchy like it can sometimes.  I have definitely noticed some differences. I don’t have to wear much makeup, although I never did, I feel like I just need a simple brush stroke of powder to even out my complexion.

Product Suggestions?

I have none at this time, but can keep you updated. As you can see I use primarily TATCHA and FRESH, NOT BECAUSE I THINK THESE BRANDS ARE SUPERIOR, but because I usually try one brand at a time and finish a product unless it causes problems. But I like FRESH, it has a lot of simple and natural ingredients and makes my face feel great. Just make sure you are using quality products.

Do I do all steps morning and night?

Heck no. I don’t have that kind of dedication. Im sure I could, but I just don’t. I would love to aspire to at least do a night routine, but Im lazy and usually turn to a makeup cleansing wipe. Every morning I will cleanse/wash+tone+essence+serum+eye cream+moisturize+SPF and then prime before my makeup. Seems like a lot, but I have made the process into my own and it goes pretty fast. if I’m running late I may omit some steps. I exfoliate 3x/week, use a mask once a week.

Do I recommend it?

Why not take care of yourself? The routine is actually a bit relaxing to me. There are so many things we put before ourselves I don’t mind pampering my skin for good result. Some people say its over the top, but hopefully they are at least washing, toning, and moisturizing. I would much rather have a 7-10 step face cleansing regimen than a 45 minute highlighting and contouring makeup routine anyway.

My Results

My bighead with no makeup in the beginning.
Korean Face Regimen
My face with NO makeup, 60 days after starting the regimen.
Face with minimal makeup, now my daily routine, powder and brow shaping with eyeliner.

Try it. See what it does for you.

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