Bleeding Scare

Real life…

Lochia is really driving me crazy. I will spare you the details but I did have what seemed to be the normal lochia presentation initially heavy to light and then spotting for a while… it would increase now and again with physical activity (walking rapidly on a treadmill every other day) however a few days shy of 6 weeks I went on that 4 mile run… now I’m bleeding like a period, bright red and ugh?!

So I put on my panic glasses and went into google mode

Entry 1: rebleeding postpartum

Entry 2: bleeding again 6 weeks postpartum

Entry 3: bleeding after lochia stopped, breastfeeding

Why is there not enough information on this? Forums. Forums. Forum. But no solid information. Most sites offer vague descriptions and suggest any return of bright red blood should warrant contacting you OB. But then what? I mean I’m not hemorrhaging, should I freak out until my appointment. The doctor in me is saying.. ‘no, calm down’ but the google researcher in me is saying ‘RiNg thE aLARm!!

Found a nice article about 6 week rebleeding where they followed 485 women and 25% had rebleeding at 6 weeks and only 10% was it found to be attributable to the return of menses. Of note, these were all exclusively breastfeeding women. Could this be what is happening to me? Or did I take it to far with my run? Or could I just be one of the lucky lot of women who experience lochia into the 8-week mark? We shall see.

Me After Baby

This is me 4 weeks after giving birth to my first child.

Everyone says: “Oh my gosh, you don’t look like you dropped a child out of your body a month ago!”

To be honest, I’m not really sure what that means. I have never had a baby before, and I don’t have many friends that have had babies, so clearly I am not sure what a woman who has had a baby is supposed to look like. But then again, I didn’t even know the term “snap back” until every one kept saying it to me.

Below – 1 week post-partum heading to the first doctors appointment:


I don’t look any different than what I look like before I got pregnant. I can tell you what I did but I didn’t do much. It didn’t require a major lifestyle change or million dollar haul. Stay tuned to see the little things I did that may have made a difference…

Maybe if you know some things about me, you may see why!



Welcome to the World of Postpartum! Are you scared? Well you shouldn’t be, but I understand why you would be. Why not? For the past 9 months there has been a plethora of information to the point where it is overwhelming. Click here to see what is going on in you uterus on the 28th week and 3rd day. Click here to see what symptoms you will have in week 19. Click here to enter this forum for expectant mothers July 2016. Blah, blah… but now. Now that you have pushed this baby out and your mother in law has whisked it away, and your husband is cooing in it face, and you are wondering what is ahead… the place goes silent. Crickets, real cricket.

“You’re lost?” Says a tall gruffy man in denim overalls holding a pitchfork with a strand of hay hanging from his bottom lip.

“Yes, I’m trying to find postpartum… I just had this baby.”

He leans into the car to smile at the child. “Oh, well she’s cute.”

“Yes, but how do I get to postpartum?”

“Wait, you’re planning on taking the youngin with you? There?!” He steps back and squints at you in disbelief. When he meets your stare unyielding he points to a fork in the road, towards a dark evil-looking forest. “Down yonder, that’s you destination.”

“But.. it… so…” You say peering over your steering wheel. You would have even believed him had you not seen the road sign confirming that way to Postpartum Land. Dang, what the heck.

“Meu-hahahahahahha!!” He is laughing maniacly and stepping back into a new fog and disappearing. A fog that was not there 30 seconds ago. Now your all alone (with a bouncing, crying baby) entering postpartum.

Postpartum starts the second you have that baby. And it is a pretty awesome journey. But why is it the only thing they warn you about is the “baby blues,” sleep deprivation, and depression? We have to change that, pregnancy is not the only place we need to hold each others hands. What did you hear about postpartum? How was postpartum for you?

Welcome to my humble little blog…

I’m a mom now… I can hardly believe it. Amongst being a mother I am so many other things and so many other flavors make me who I am. This last year has been so busy. I am a wife and a physician now, both of which can be expanded with many descriptive adjectives. I am accomplishing things that seemed so far away and now I am back to the drawing board with figuring out exactly who I am and what makes me happy.

I gave birth to my darling daughter on July 19th, 2016 approximately 6 days after my own birth day. She was growing insider of my tummy for 40 weeks. Those 40 weeks were full of uncertainty, joys, anger, despair, hope… but everything came together when I saw her face. I mean, really saw her face. Immediately after the fact I was in shock, looking at her wet, pasty and pink body, I still couldn’t comprehend what feat I had overcome. It wasn’t until the next day when I saw her through that Plexiglas bassinet donning the cliché pink and blue hospital beanie, she was looking at me with her big eyes, taking in the world. After we had dismissed our overzealous family for some peace and quiet, me and my husband sat there. He was a bit more removed than I, overwhelmed I guess, but we were there as a family unit, with this brand new baby girl and her brand new baby smell. I stuffed a bag of maxi pads in my tote and bent over to pull my corset over my strange looking jelly-like belly and plopped back into the bed. Wait! I didn’t know what to expect but I did not I wanted to start this journey without my usual breakfast sausage and egg biscuit so I unplugged my IV and snuck past the nurses station to the cafeteria where I had been so many times before and was familiar with the staff and menu. I was on the other side of the treatment plan this time and played the non-compliant patient who could care less about diet orders and timed medications. I was ready to break out with my new baby and this was how I displayed my independence and confidence in the fact that I was healthy and ready to go.

Three days later I had my first mini-breakdown. I say first because I’m sure there will be more to come, I mean this enthusiastically. She wasn’t latching well and my nipples were killing me, there were too many people in my house giving me advice  slash telling me what to do, and my husband was acting weird (or so I thought). I had already called my pediatrician with an infantile seizure scare and was now wondering if I broke out the breast pump a little too early because my breasts looked like boulders. Google search had become my best friend, but it was more like a fr-enemy, whispering small evils into my mind and keeping me in a state of panic. I woke up the next morning, washed my worn-out face and stared in the mirror. I smiled at myself. Woah, I was a mom. What kind of mom was I going to be? I was only 3.5 days in so it wasn’t to early to choose something. I would pick something in my mind, that no one could argue with unless they had mind-reading powers or something, and I would forge forward with this new lease on life. Who doesn’t love a new beginning? Blending my West African culture and Southern American lifestyle would be tough, but I was going to make it fun and take others on my journey because… well that’s what I had decided I would do!

I am a Young West African Mom… a Young Igbo Mom… a Young American Mom… a Young Physician Mom… a Young Fit Mom… a Young Runner Mom… a Young Hard-working Mom… a Young Christian Mom… a Young DST mom… a Young…  the list can go on, you can see I’m getting bored. YWAM stuck and we are going to go with it. Welcome to my BLOG, lets learn and share together.

From pregnancy to childbirth to healthy lifestyle and weight loss to cooking, I am going to narrate my life on this blog and share my up, downs, victories and shortcoming. Review products that I would by again or burn the store down for. I’ll even do a little teaching, because hey we all learn a little something-something along the way!